Cygnus Downloads


NOTE: Cygnus Hex Editor was created to allow end users to extend functionality by writing special dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and placing them in the same folder that contains the Cygnus executable. (Details can be found in the Cygnus help files.) However, applications installed as an app package from the Microsoft Windows Store have enhanced security limitations placed on them.

These limitations prevent the end user from placing additional files in the executable folder, and also prevent the Cygnus executable from loading DLLs from any other folder. This effectively prevents the end user from extended Cygnus Hex Editor when it has been installed this way.

We apologize that this feature is no longer supported. For now, we are simply including all of our pre-written extensions with the Cygnus Hex Editor installation. If your organization requires the ability to extend Cygnus this way, you can always contact us and try to arrange for us to send the software in its unpackaged form.


These downloads defines structures for the Cygnus Structure View window, which allows you to display data at the current location in a structured format.
Structures for the PE (Portable Executable file) header. Allows Cygnus to display data as a Win32 executable header.

Have a Cool Extension?

If you've written a cool extension for Cygnus and would like to make it available for other users, let us know and we can post it on this page.