Software Consulting

SoftCircuits has decades of experience developing computer software. We also work with a network of developers with expertise in various technologies. We are located in Utah but routinely work remotely for clients around the country. The founder of SoftCircuits, Jonathan Wood, has contributed to numerous developer articles, books and other resources, and has published many open-source projects on sites like NuGet and GitHub.

Internet Development

Whether you just want to give your organization a presence on the web or need lots of custom functionality, we can help. We have experience in all types of websites from single page sites to large SaaS Web applications.

Windows Development

Whether you want to automate office tasks or need a custom application, we excel at custom solutions for the Windows platform. The types of software we have written are too many to list but include an application used to track purchases at gas stations, software that mapped pins to a tester grid, an application for trainers to plan client workout programs, file parsing/conversion applications, and many more. This is in addition to the products we sell online and on the Microsoft Store.

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Give us a call. No project is too big or small. Even if you're still figuring out your needs, we'd be happy to help talk you through it.

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