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File Description
Assembly Language Routines for Quick C 2.02
ASM4QC is a library of assembly language functions that are designed to be called from programs written in C. These functions provide high performance, low level video routines designed for text mode applications. Routines include basic windowing, text output, cursor manipulation, etc. ASM4QC allows you to quickly and easily code professional video routines that would be very time consuming and/or impossible with C alone. Since these routines have been written in assembly language and meticulously optimized for both speed and efficiency, they race at the fastest speed possible on your computer while adding very little to the size of the resulting executable file. Source code is available.
BYTE is a simple DOS program that shows how a byte of memory can be used to store decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII and color attribute values.
Custom Color
Simple utility to change the color of the DOS screen. Uses ANSI.SYS.
Eagle Utilities
Several DOS utilities. Includes program to change number of lines on EGA/VGA, view text files, set DOS background color, get Yes/No response from batch files, BEEP from batch file, clear NumLock, etc. Source code is available.
Easy Menu
Very simple DOS menu program. Customize by editing simple text file. Supports mouse.
Is there such a thing as ESP? Well who knows. If you can consistently guess the shape above the percent expected by chance alone, you just may uncover a hidden talent.
Command line utility that counts the number of lines in text files. Provides many options for including multiple files.
PICTOR Video Library
PICTOR is a powerful video library designed for text-mode applications written in C running on IBM personal computers and 100% compatibles. Features of this package include:


  • Multi-pane stacked windows.
  • Complete pulldown menu system.
  • Complete hypertext help system and help compiler.
  • Interrupt-driven serial communications routines.
  • Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break, and critical error handling. On-screen Clock.
  • Text compression routines.
  • Text editor sample application that edits files up to available memory.
  • All source code is included.
  • Over 100 highly granular high-level and low-level routines provide complete control over display and keyboard.


The library provides many high level routines, most of which can easily be implemented in just one or two function calls. For example, the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Break and critical error handlers are all installed (and will all uninstall automatically) with a single function call. The library also provides many low-level functions that provide support for custom routines that you create.


This package includes two sets of libraries: one for Microsoft C 7.0 and another for Borland C 3.0. Wherever practical, the library routines are ANSI C compatible; therefore, the library will link with programs compiled with C compilers from most other vendors with little or no modifications.
Small utility program to display PC interrupt vectors. Displays description and current vector address for all interrupts. Includes complete assembly language source code.
Telephone/Address Database Source Code
QuickBASIC source code for a simple telephone/address database program. Requires slight modification to work with QBasic.
Program to draw pictures using the 256 text characters of the IBM PC. Can output as ANSI files. Many options, on-line help.